Google will start disabling Google Messages from working on “uncertified” Android devices!

Starting from March 31, 2021, Google will start disabling Google Messages from working on “uncertified” Android devices. 

This sudden update will not affect most of the people. However, it does arise some questions related to “uncertified” Android devices. Such as, what is an “uncertified” Android device, and how do you make sure you’re not using one? 

What is Uncertified Android Device? 

Devices which are not certified were not able to pass Google’s Android compatibility test to ensure they meet Google’s quality and security standards. 

Some of the newly launched Android devices were uncertified for the time being but are certified now as the process is complete. 

In some cases, an uncertified device could mean the manufacturer was not able to submit the device for Google’s certification, or was not able to pass the test. 

According to Google, using an uncertified Android device carries several risks. For instance, 

  • Devices that aren’t Play Protect certified may not be secure. 
  • Devices that aren’t Play Protect certified may not get Android system updates or app updates. 
  • Mobile applications that aren’t Play Protect certified aren’t licensed and may not be real Google apps. 
  • Apps and features on devices that aren’t Play Protect certified may not work correctly. 
  • Data on devices that aren’t Play Protect certified may not back up securely. 

Above mentioned security risks are the reason Google is banning Google Messages on uncertified phones.  

Without the Play Store verifications, Google can’t ensure the app’s end-to-end encryption is properly configured, which could leave your messages and personal data compromised. 

On the other hand, all uncertified android phones are not dangerous. In some cases, rooting your phone or making other system-level modifications will revoke a device’s certification. 

How to know if your device is certified or Not? 

Rarely an average person is using an uncertified Android device — but it is possible. Some uncertified devices are from well-known brands that Google no longer supports. For example, some of the Huawei devices are uncertified and cannot currently apply for certification in some regions. 

To confirm your Android phone is certified you can check via the Google Play Store settings. 

  1. Open the Google Play Store app. 
  1. Tap on the three-lined button on the top-left corner of the screen. 
  1. Select “Settings” from the sidebar. 
  1. Scroll down to the “About” section. Under “Device Certification,” it will say either “certified” or “uncertified.” 

If your phone is certified, you can continue using Google Messages without any issue. If not, then you will have to find a new messaging app or a new device (or unroot your device).  

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Millions Switch to Telegram and Signal after the Big Update by WhatsApp

Due to privacy concerns and growing anxiety over the power of the biggest tech companies, encrypted messaging services have become the world’s hottest apps.

People all over the world use mobile applications for nearly every purpose, starting from messaging, games, services to online banking and much more.

Millions have moved to Signal and Telegram due to recent changes by WhatsApp. Over the past week, millions of people have downloaded both apps highlighting huge hike in its usage.

Signal just like WhatsApp allows messages to be sent with “end-to-end encryption,” meaning only the sender and receiver can read the content.

Telegram on the other hand, offers some encrypted messaging options, but is popular for its special feature of group-based chat rooms where people can communicate and talk about several topics.

WhatsApp’s new update resulted in mass migration that, if it keeps happening, could weaken the power of Facebook and other big tech companies.

On Tuesday, according to Telegram more than 25 million users were added over the previous three days, pushing it to over 500 million users.

According to estimates from Apptopia, On Monday alone, nearly 1.3 million users were added on Signal.

Nearly all of Signal’s new user adoption is coming from outside the United States. As of Wednesday, the company said it was the No. 1 app in 70 countries on iOS devices and in 45 countries on Android devices, with India being one of the biggest areas of new user growth.

For both Signal and Telegram, new installations came from users in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and dozens of other countries, based on data from Apptopia.

Even for businesses WhatsApp is a popular app for marketing purposes, but due to this new privacy user update. They are already looking for alternatives to spread their word.

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New web-based Outlook app for Windows and Mac by Microsoft

Microsoft has always been able to win the game in the tech market and is able to deliver amazing products.

MS Office 365 is one of the widely used tool in the business world.

MS Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based Microsoft Office solution, which combines communication, security features and collaboration at a very affordable cost.

With MS Office 365 you can communicate from anywhere and can do your work securely. It improves productivity and helps you to build your business. It helps you to save Time and Money and get worry free IT service.

Now, it is being reported that Microsoft is planning to launch a universal Outlook client based on the web app.

According to some reports, the Universal Web App will eventually replace all the traditional default Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10.

It is expected that by the end of this year 2021 – Microsoft will preview Monarch with the aim to replace Mail & Calendar apps on Windows 10 in 2022.

It is expected that Monarch will include OS integrations such as offline storage, share targets, notifications, and more.

The early version of this app is only accessible to internal users of Microsoft who have Microsoft account. It is not yet available for all users to test it.

Let’s hope to see a better version of Outlook by the end of this year!

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Apple launched a one-on-one college mentorship program

This world pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely, work from home has become a permanent practice now for most of the companies from around the world. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other such mediums have been a success in these times, Microsoft Teams Integration in fact is very useful to have hassle free communication within a business and one can enrich their working environment through innovation!

Similarly, students have been attending lectures from their homes.

On the basis of current situation, Apple quietly launched a one-on-one college mentorship program for first generation students. It is being notices that Apple has already started to accept applications for mentorship program that is designed to help and assist first-generation college students.

This program focusses on inviting immigrant college freshmen and sophomores with majors in accounting, finance, economics or any discipline related to business, commerce, data analytics or mathematics to avail this opportunity and get mentorship from experienced Apple mentors. This program details also describe that there will be opportunities for job shadowing and paid internships and externships. Isn’t it great!

However, there’s a limitation to this program, only those students can apply for this program whose parent or guardian do not have their own college degrees. Apple is looking for students/individuals who are eager to learn more about finance in a fast-paced, innovative environment.

This is good news for all the individuals looking forward to get mentorship from Apple. Apple is accepting applications until Friday, January 8th,2021.

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Future with Data Science and its importance

Data science plays a very important role today and in the coming future in the virtual as well as the physical world. It is the process of both collecting and studying data. There are many steps involved in this processing data like collecting the raw data, recording it and storing it at an adequate place for verification. This data is then analyzed to derive results so as to make an appropriate action plan and a path accordingly to identify the target market and locate the appropriate audience.
This data science is carried on by specially skilled people who are called Data Scientists who are very well aware of the tricks and techniques of the steps to carry on such type of study. They know what Data science exactly means to the company, to them and to the market that they are going to operate in. They understand the vitality of data and they know the importance of procuring and preserving it.
Importance of Data science:
Collection of raw data is done in two types, Structured and Unstructured data. They both are used to create future strategic plans for advertisements.
Data of both these forms are collected and then they are converted into meaningful data that is to be analyzed properly and to extract results with the help of tools and mechanical learning techniques.
It is then interpreted into a readable format by the Data Scientists that is done to use the converted data to get an insight into the organization by analyzing it. This helps deriving data than helps an organization to recognize its threats at the current stage.
It is an ongoing process so data science has to be done in a continuous manner for current and future benefits. This process can either be done in house or external agencies can be hired for doing that.
Data science helps in creating alerts and also enables to provide timely response to organization owners about the interference of unwanted data. This helps to remove that form of data and simplifying the approach towards ethical marketing that enables an organization to generate positive results of the efforts laid in.

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