US Govt Warns Chrome Users to Update Chrome or Risk Remote Takeover!

The new version of chrome includes 16 new security fixes.

The United States Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency ā€“ CISA recently issued an alert for all Chrome users to update their web browsers to address vulnerabilities.

This particular concern can be easily exploited by attackers to take control of computers.

According to Google, Chrome Stable version 87.0.4280.141 is being rolled out for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux distributions, and contains 16 security fixes.

Out of all these fixes, 15 are rated as high severity, with the most serious vulnerabilities. These high severity security fixes are allowing remote code execution in the privilege context that Chrome is already running in.

The vulnerabilities include seven use-after-free memory corruption bugs, including one in the Blink rendering engine.

Also, an out-of-bounds-write vulnerability in the V8 Javascript engine.

The V8 CVE-2020-15995 bug could be easily exploited via a specially crafted web page to cause memory heap corruption, as reported last month.

While the awards for the V8 and the CVE-2021-21115 use-after-free in Safe Browsing bugs are yet to be determined.

It is noticeable that Google paid out US$111,000 in bug bounties to other researchers reporting vulnerabilities in Chrome.

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