WhatsApp is adding opt-in biometrics to both Desktop and Mobile Versions

Over the last few weeks WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app owned by Facebook is being in highlight all over the media. They have been losing users after they released their security and data privacy update. They tried to delay these changes after getting a lot of heat by the users and losing its users. 

Now, they have come up with another update that is biometric feature added on WhatsApp as a new authentication factor for all those using its desktop and mobile versions. 

WhatsApp announced that from today I.e., 28th January 2021, it will allow people to add in a fingerprint, face, or iris scan to use WhatsApp on desktop or web by linking it to your mobile app. It can be used alongside the existing QR code authentication. 

 Now, you have an option to add in a biometric authentication way to login. This new feature will only work if you have enabled biometric authentication on your device, either on Android or iPhone handsets. 

According to WhatsApp this feature works differently on both iPhone and Android devices.  On iPhone, it will work with all devices operating iOS 14 and above with Touch ID or Face ID, and on Android, it will work on any device compatible with Biometric Authentication (Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock or Iris Unlock).  

What comes next? 

As we all know that¬†WhatsApp’s recent announcement regarding data-sharing¬†with¬†Facebook¬†update¬†has¬†put a lot of people on edge about the company’s intentions.¬†

The recent announcement does not only highlight¬†WhatsApp‚Äôs intentions, but also puts a question mark on Facebook‚Äôs intentions as nobody would like invasion in their private space and messaging has always been considered as¬†users’¬†private space.¬†

However,¬†WhatsApp is¬†clear¬†in outlining that it’s not able to access the biometric information that you will be storing in your device.¬†

And ensuring that it is using same standard biometric authentication APIs that other secure apps, like banking apps. 

This new biometric feature is being rolled out today to create a more secure way for people to link up apps across devices. In one way, it’s good news for all businesses who are conducting digital marketing via WhatsApp, now their information will be secured. 

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