VideoLAN is marking its 20th year of existence this month

Yes,¬†it’s¬†true that a risky decision created the world’s most popular streaming video encoder.¬†

One of the most popular, successful, and widely used open-source software project I.e., VideoLAN is marking its 20th year of existence this month. 

We all have been using this open-source software to stream our¬†favorite¬†videos and movies since we were in our teens ‚Äst90’s people can¬†relate!¬†¬†

It is best known for the popular x264 streaming video encoding app and library, and the well-known VLC media player Рwell who hasn’t used that? 

The non-profit organization has released a massive range of free and open software over the past many years. The volunteer organization makes sure that the Movie Creator video editing software, DVBlast MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming app, and several libraries for developers working on audiovisual programs are available. 

This includes the libdvdcss library that can be used to read DVDs which are encrypted with Contents Scramble System digital rights management code. 

There has been a dispute on the legal status of libdvdcss and some Linux distributions do not ship with the library out of concerns it violates digital rights management laws. 

During the¬†early¬†years¬†–¬†the new millennium saw a great deal of controversy around content dissemination over the internet and piracy thereof, and legal fights over distribution rights.¬†

According to the organization at that time, this was a risky decision for the √Čcole Centrale Paris,¬†and¬†states¬†that the¬†VideoLAN¬†project is¬†incredibly grateful.¬†

VLC media player and other software are released under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Public¬†License¬†version 2 with clients for all major desktop and¬†mobile operating systems, and with several billions of downloads to date.¬†

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