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Discover hidden security weaknesses with our vulnerability scan services to secure your website, servers and networks from potential hacks!

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The IT Company USA's Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS) offer immediate detection, monitoring, and remediation of internal and external system vulnerabilities, regardless of their severity.

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Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services with IT Company USA

Vulnerability Scan Service (VSS) is a security diagnosis service that uses vulnerability detection and intelligent correlation analysis technologies to assist in the discovery of security risks in your websites or servers.
IT Company USA's Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service uses the most latest vulnerability scanning methods in combination with knowledgeable security experts to proactively analyse your network and provide the information and assistance required to address security vulnerabilities.

Consultation and Recommendations
Consultation and Recommendations
Website Vulnerability Assessment
Website Vulnerability Assessment
Application Vulnerability Assessment
Application Vulnerability Assessment
Network vulnerability assessment
Network Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerabiltiy Scanning
Vulnerabiltiy Scanning
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Cloud Security and Solutions
Cloud Security and Solutions
Vulnerability Management Reports
Vulnerability Management Reports
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
 Security Testing and Assurance
Security Testing and Assurance
SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Detection and Mitigation Assistance
Detection and Mitigation Assistance

Here’s Why Our Vulnerability Scan Service is a Must-Have for Your Business

By using our managed vulnerability scanning service, you can prevent offering hackers a simple path to infiltrate your company. We can help you with developing your long-term security strategy and ensuring that procedures comply with the most current security requirements.

Stay Up to Date on Cyber Hygiene
Ease the Workload for Your Teams
Receive Advice for Effective Remediation
Receive Recommendations for Future Security Investments

Vulnerability Scan Service Features

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

Thanks to our agnostic approach, we offer a wide selection of vulnerability scanning tools. We work with you to implement a system most suited to your institution's threat detection requirements.

Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring Service (CVMS)

We offer continuous monitoring to find and identify new dangers using reliable automated detection. With routine tracking, you can go beyond your current weaknesses and obtain your findings through a protected site.


PCI Scanning
Managed PCI Scanning

Quarterly external vulnerability scans are a PCI DSS requirement for organisations. With IT Company USA's PCI Expertise, we help you achieve the best security measures!

Ease the Workload for Your Teams

Your home teams concentrate on resolving vulnerabilities rather than finding them by outsourcing these labour-intensive tasks to us.

Workload for Your Teams

Managed Security Monitoring
Managed Security Monitoring

Conduct infrastructure delta scanning and periodic automatic vulnerability assessments monthly, quarterly, or annual. Let us draw a comprehensive picture of your security landscape.

Ensured through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

With the help of our DDoS Testing, Advisory, and Firedrill services, you can simulate a genuine attack in a safe, controlled environment and evaluate all dimensions of your company's capacity to identify, stop, and mitigate a cyber assault.


What Exactly Does Vulnerability Scanning Entail?

In order to find security gaps that might expose businesses to cyber attacks, computer networks are examined through a process called vulnerability scanning.
A vulnerability scanner, a specialised software tool, gathers data and compares it to a database of known vulnerabilities to look for exposures in computers, devices, and applications. If you don't mitigate your environment for vulnerabilities, you can provide attackers with the chance they need to launch a cyber attack.

With IT Company USA's VSS, Always Stay a Step Ahead.

Let Us Deal with the Details and Complexity of it

So that you may concentrate on what counts, let us worry about the best practices for vulnerability assessment and monitoring of periodic scanning efforts.

Cut Back on Your Use of Resources and Money

Time and resources are used on the costs of licences, servers, upkeep, upgrading, reducing false-positive results, and supervision. To experience a streamlined workflow, reduce the number of line items and their impact.

Have a One-on-One Talk with an Expert

In contrast to typical customer service alternatives, IT Company USA gives you access to a single point of contact who can handle problems, respond to inquiries, and assist with managing your vulnerability policy.


Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

Several manuals and automated techniques and procedures are utilised to evaluate and rank security vulnerabilities in a system. A VA may attack servers or other underpinning infrastructure, apps, or both. Additionally, conducting a VA aids in determining the environment's security posture and the degree of threat exposure. VA can discover vulnerabilities by selecting if the system has the appropriate controls as intended to be deployed.

A significant chunk of the security and IT profession is involved in vulnerability assessment and management. There are positions in incident response, security operation centres, individual analyst teams, on-premises and cloud IT infrastructure, senior management, reporting directly to the CISO or CEO, and incident response. The job level often determines the technical depth. However, each role is crucial to the vulnerability assessment and management process.

Here are some scenarios that call for a Vulnerability Assessment.
● Before the launch of a new system or application.
● When an existing system or application is updated.
● When the demands for remote access or the user base of a system or application change.
● following the remediation of previously discovered vulnerabilities

You can find variable degrees of severity of vulnerabilities during a vulnerability assessment. Additionally, it may attest to the conformity of your IT environment to governmental and commercial norms. Here are a few such vulnerabilities that were discovered during an evaluation.
● Weak passwords that are easily guessed.
● Attackers can use SQL injection or XSS attacks to exploit code injection vulnerabilities.
● unpatched operating systems or software.
● Misconfigurations, such as unmodified default settings or open ports that are vulnerable.

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