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We develop reliable and secure Web Application Development geared to deliver the corporate results you want. IT Company USA offers you economical web app development solutions and guarantees the expansion of your business. Our expert app developers offer our customers Custom Web Application Development Services and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) Development Services.
Our team of app developers can help you take your company to the next level. They are extremely talented in the creation of desktop, mobile, and website applications as well as a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, including XML, JSON API, SQL, Java,.Net, MVC, and Entity Framework.

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We provide you top-notch web application development services by utilising the strength of innovation and the most reliable technology available. Since IT Company USA's web applications are based on thorough market research and target audience analysis, they have the perfect appeal to your target audience and generate your desired statistics.

Smart Apps
Smart Apps
Database Driven
Database Driven
Web Payments
Web Payments
Secure Apps Development
Secure Apps Development
Performance Improvements
Performance Improvements
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics
API integrations
API integrations
 Single Sign-on Integrations
Single Sign-on Integrations
Social Integration
Social Integration

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Thank you IT Company USA for such wonderful services. Highly recommendable!!
Excellent IT services! Highly recommended.
The team is very dedicated and friendly. Our company is really satisfied from their great expertise.

Why Choose IT Company USA for Web Application Development?

Design, programming, testing, support, and maintenance are all included in our web application development services. In addition, our skilled web app developers assist you with technological consultancy, updating old architectures, and web architecture migration.

Team of experts

Our team is made up of highly skilled software engineers and developers that are renowned specialists in their fields. They monitor industry trends and are informed about all the current technologies.

Web App Development Expertise

In order to help your company, our team will carry out a comprehensive study and provide the best solution.

Reliable Custom Web App Development

You can count on us to create custom web apps on schedule and within budget. We can continue to develop the project and go through any revisions.


A fully developed product could seem to be quite a resource-intensive task to build from the beginning. Let us create a web application that is highly scalable for you.

Web Application Features

Microsoft Technologies

IT Company USA use following tested and trusted technologies which are widely used by industry.

C# (C Sharp) and VB.Net.

Entity Framework.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Microsoft’s WinRT programming interfaces.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Microsoft Technologies

Web Application Development
Web Application Development

We Design and develop user experience with ASP.NET, WebForms, ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL application architecture.

From start to production, we do analysis, design, coding, testing and deployment on the server's conventional and responsive website application development.

Mobile Web Service Development uses SOAP, REST, JSON and XML.

Leading Website Development strategy to meet any complex requirements.

Highly Deployable

Web applications are rapidly deployed through many modern devices like tablet, mobile devices and computers.

Quick and easy to get your company going on a new platform from any device.

Highly secure real-time control communication.

Highly Deployable

Open-Source Technologies
Open-Source Technologies




Java Development Kit (JDK).

NetBeans as IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Java enables to develop efficient cross platform applications to deploy in a business environment.

We also use Java to develop your desktop application with other technologies.

PHP MySQL Web Application Development

Responsive and Dynamic websites with server side scripting Using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

Database-driven website development using MYSQL with Custom development based on client requirement.

Our technical Skills in PHP application development include framework Yii, CondeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP with MVC (Model-View-Controller) support.

Legacy Application re-engineering and Enhancement.

Customization of open-source projects like WordPress, PHPBB, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc..


Open-Source Applications

Using open-source applications means lower cost.

Get Frequent updates and high levels of security.

Get the power of the open-source community behind your business applications.

Enhanced Manageability

It’s easy to manage your applications from anywhere in the world.

The perfect solution for an online-connected modern company.

Content management systems for easy access and updates of your website.


Get a High-Performance, Responsive Web Application

With years of experience in web app development, the web experts at IT Company USA offer:

  • Examining business analysis for a precise needs match.
  • User-friendly UX to reduce bounces and prevent user mistakes.
  • UI design that stands out to improve user engagement and acquisition.
  • High user satisfaction via sustained performance.
  • Workflow automation through seamless integration.
Application Development

Application Development using Cutting-Edge Technologies

As a leading web app development company, we are exceptionally skilled at creating outstanding web apps that suit your business needs. IT Company USA uses modern technological tools that are extremely competitive to ensure the success of our client' businesses.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data
Computer Vision
Data Science
Machine Learning and AI
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


Do you have questions? Here are some of the frequently asked questions that can help you.

A web application is a piece of software that resides on a web server and typically performs some sort of business function by combining computer programs called “scripts” with databases. Web applications provide their users with several advantages over conventional software. They excel at allowing organizations to centralize their data, easing communications, and preventing miscommunication. They also provide a software solution that is platform independent, and if desired, can be set up so they can be accessed from any web enabled workstation in the world.

PHP is a scripting language like Microsoft’s ASP or Macromedia’s Cold Fusion. It is arguably superior because of faster execution, and in comparison, to ASP, better ease of coding. PHP runs under Apache and many other web servers and many ISPs provide it as an inexpensive hosting option. MySQL is a database that is particularly suitable for integration with the PHP language and is ideally suited for the databasing needs of small to medium sized businesses.

An app can:

  • Run outside a normal browser.
  • Run whether the device is connected to the Internet or not.
  • Be launched in the same way a native device application is launched.
  • At a minimum, an app is a website that can be “installed” on a mobile device or computer so that it looks to a user like a native application. You can distribute it either on your own website or through an app store. Both can be built using open web standards such as HTML5. You can control access to a Web app, so that only paid users can access it.
    A site that is an app should be designed to work when the device is not on the internet, or at least to fail gracefully. Building HTML5 Web runtime applications (as opposed to building sites that will always be visited from the internet in a browser) requires some architectural additions to handle sites like “sometimes connected,” etc. .

    Of course, it depends on your goals. In both cases, you can deliver your site on multiple device platforms by using the standard “Web stack” of technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript). However, an advantage of a web app is that it looks like a native application to users — they can launch it from their home screen or desktop, without having to find a bookmark or remember a URL. This means they are more likely to use it and keep returning to it than a website.