Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event: Here’s What to Expect

We now know that Apple’s first major product case in 2021 will take place on Wednesday, April 21. (Many thanks to Siri!) After attending not one, not two, but three activities this season, what does Apple possibly have to offer? Really, there’s a tonne — but save your iBong jokes, because it has nothing to do with the date. Here’s what you should expect to see next week.

iPad Pros — Now With Mini LEDs

For weeks, rumours have circulated about new iPads from Apple, and it’s almost certain that we’ll see a new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Also, Apple isn’t shy about naming its events. The event’s name, “Spring Loaded,” may be a reference to the Apple Pencil.

But don’t foresee something too drastic. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s resident Apple prognosticator, said in a recent interview that these changes would be “iterative” and that nothing ground breaking was planned.

Also, even though Apple releases these iPad Pros on Tuesday, they might not be available right away. According to sources, mini LED supply chain problems could trigger a launch delay, similar to how the iPhone 12 line up was released a little later than expected last year.

Release the AirTags!!!

Apple’s reaction to Bluetooth trackers such as Tile and Chipolo, AirTags, may be one of the worst-kept “secrets” in history. These devices have been spoken about since at least 2019, so there’s reason to think that the time has finally come.

Apple’s Find My network now has more third-party support. This is massive because it’s like Apple raising a large flag that says, “Hey Partners!” Get Ready! We’ve Got Big Stuff Coming Soon!” If AirTags doesn’t wake up, the distant roar will most definitely be the anguished screams of tech journalists all over the globe.

Redesign for the iMac

Given that Apple’s iMac architecture was last updated in 2012, now is the ideal time to visually differentiate the Apple Silicon iMacs from their Intel counterparts. Another red flag is Apple’s latest discontinuation of some iMac setups. When Apple’s inventory is depleted, it usually ensures a new version of the product is on the way.

According to reports, the latest iMacs will have larger displays than the 21.5- and 27-inch ones we’re used to. The redesign would most likely resemble Apple’s Pro Display XDR panel, which means a 32-inch display, smooth back, slimmer bezels, and no metal chin.

In any case, even if iMacs don’t exist on Tuesday, they’ll almost certainly appear later this year.

New Look for AirPods 3

After all, the AirPods 2 were released about two years ago, so we’re due for any fresh AirPods. According to leaked photos, the next-generation AirPods will be modelled after the AirPods Pro, with a shorter stem and a narrower shell that allows wireless charging.

They’re also believed to be touch-enabled. Don’t expect active noise cancellation or adaptive EQ, however. They’re modelled after the AirPods Pro rather than replacing them entirely.

If the AirPods 3 are supposed to be released this year, there’s a possibility we won’t get them until Tuesday. Since we’re in the middle of a global chip crisis that’s wreaking havoc on consumer products, this launch could be postponed.

Apple is always coming up with latest technology and providing it’s users a luxurious experience with it’s modern technology and specifications. Mobile Applications are also updated according to new the latest iOS.

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