Update: Microsoft Implements Windows Zerologon Flaw ‘Enforcement Mode’

Zerologon flaw is one of the critical matters discussed recently. Microsoft has decided to take this matter into its own hands as companies have not yet updated their systems to address Zerologon flaw.

After careful consideration and investigation, the tech giant – Microsoft has decided that from Feb 9, it will by default block vulnerable connections on devices that could be used to exploit the flaw. Some of the Microsoft’s Active Directory domain controllers are prone to be affected by Zerologon flaw.

Domain controllers of Microsoft Active Directory will respond to authentication requests and verify users on computer networks.

A successful exploitation of the Zerlogon flaw will allow unauthenticated attackers with network access to Active Directory’s domain controllers to completely compromise all Active Directory identity services.

The new initiative taken by Microsoft in which Domain Controller enforcement mode is implemented that “will block vulnerable connections from non-compliant devices,”.

Domain Controller enforcement mode requires that all Windows and non-Windows devices use secure RPC with Netlogon secure channel.

Unless customers have explicitly allowed the account to be vulnerable by adding an exception for the non-compliant device.

Secure RPC is an authentication method that authenticates both the host and the user who is making a request for a service.

This new implementation is an attempt to block cybercriminals from gaining network access to domain controllers.

Unauthorized access will eventually be used to exploit the Zerologon privilege-escalation glitch (CVE-2020-1472).

The Zerologon flaw, with a critical-severity CVSS score of 10 out of 10, was first addressed in Microsoft’s August 2020 security updates.

Starting Feb. 9, Microsoft said it will enable domain controller “enforcement mode” by default, a measure that would help mitigate the threat.

Considering the current situation of the internet and cybercrimes, this implementation would help businesses and individuals to minimize the risk of hacking.

If your business is looking for secure file transfer services that ensures your critical information is secure then, avail FTP Hosting services from IT Company.

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Major security flaws found in Dell Wyse ThinOS

Occurrence of technical issues are very common when any sort of system or device is developed. According to recent findings two critical vulnerabilities have been found in Dell’s Wyse thin clients. These vulnerabilities could easily be exploited by an attacker to run malicious code and gain access to arbitrary files.

As compared to old PCs, now small form factor PCs have grown more powerful. In recent years, a lot of organizations more commonly the ones in healthcare industry have turned to thin clients in order to fulfill their computing needs.

Why do they choose thin clients?

Many organizations choose to turn to thin clients because they take up far less space than a traditional desktop PC. Dell Wyse thin clients are one of the popular choices among enterprises and it’s estimated that over 6,000 organizations have deployed them on their networks, hence network monitoring is an added factor that all enterprises needs.

Dell ships two critical vulnerabilities, tracked as CVE-2020-29492 and CVE-2020-29491, reside in its OS. ThinOS can also be kept remotely and the Austin-based company mentions that users set up an FTP server for its Wyse devices in order to download updates including firmware, packages and configurations.

However, according to cybersecurity firm CyberMDX, which focuses on the healthcare sector, found that accessing almost a dozen Dell Wyse thin clients via FTP was possible with no credentials by using an anonymous user profile. According to their findings only the firmware and packages are signed which clearly means that an attacker can use the INI configuration files to target vulnerable machines.

In recent times, we all are facing malware, cyberattacks and really wants our websites and confidential files to be protected from attackers. IT Consultants are always working for better IT solutions along with providing technical support to their clients.

FTP access is possible without credentials on some Dell Wyze thin clients

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Contact Form 7 Vulnerability Found in +5 Million Sites – WordPress

Recently, an alarming situation have been discovered in the tech world. A vulnerability has been found in Contact Form 7 that allows attackers to upload malicious scripts on several sites, including WordPress.

Although the publishers of Contact Form 7 have taken serious action immediately to fix this issue, but only few versions of Contact Form 7 are updated and rest of them are still going to face serious vulnerability. Some of the common vulnerabilities detected are;

Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability

As we know it is being used in WordPress plugin, hence an unrestricted file upload vulnerability is found that allows attackers to upload web shell that enables them have control over site and can even tamper with a database.

It is noticeable that Contact Form 7 have called their latest update an “urgent security and maintenance release.”

According to Contact Form 7:

“An unrestricted file upload vulnerability has been found in Contact Form 7 5.3.1 and older versions.

Utilizing this vulnerability, a form submitter can bypass Contact Form 7’s filename sanitization, and upload a file which can be executed as a script file on the host server.”

An additional particular shared by the official WordPress plugin repository for Contact Form 7 against vulnerabilities are;

“Removes control, separator, and other types of special characters from filename to fix the unrestricted file upload vulnerability issue.”

As we know that filename sanitization tool is used to block certain file names and allows only restricted list of file names. In the case of Contact Form 7, there was some issue with its functionality and it created a situation in which unauthorized/dangerous files were automatically allowed.

All sites using Contact Form 7 needs to release update immediately in order to tackle this situation, and if you want to avail protected WordPress Hosting by our well experienced IT Consultants, just give us a call.

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IT Company Providing You Best And Cheap Web Hosting

IT Company is a service provider company that provides clients with web hosting services using the World Wide Web (WWW). The IT Company’s service is a sort of web hosting. That provides the following facilities to its clients in its data centers, in general.

  • The connectivity of the internet for its users and clients.

  • The gap on declared or hired servers is meant for consumption by its clients.

IT Consultant also offers housing to the other servers along with the provisioning of a bunch of their accommodations and services in the local areas. For example, they provide:

  • The connectivity of the internet.

  • The data center space.

Web hosting services’ divisions:

The Web hosting services are divided as follows.

Smaller hosting services:

In smaller hosting services, the IT Company goes for the most basic Web hosting services like file hosting on a miniature scale. IT Company uses the Web interface or a famous protocol for transferring files. Known as FTP, for uploading the files “as it is” or with the slightest changing’s in the protocol.

Larger hosting services:

In these kinds of hosting services, the IT Consultant needs to be connected. To the Web for transmitting the files, and e-mails, etc. using computers as a host that also bestows.

The detailed information on the services provided. NET, ASP, Java EE, PHP, RUBY on Rails, the platforms for Database support. And Application Development are also endowed as comprehensive bundles to complicated sites.

These all allow the clients to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure data transmissions. And installing and writing of the script for content management and forums’ applications.

Types of web hosting services:

Internet web hosting services are available in a wide range. These are:

  • Shared web hosting service: Hundreds of websites are placed on the same server. And shared the same server resources (RAM, CPU).

  • Reseller web hosting: Clients are the hosts that operate for individual domains. Depending upon the size and affiliation of the resellers’ account.

  • Virtual dedicated server: Virtual Private Server (VPS) splits server resources in a virtual server, and resources can’t reflect core hardware.

  • Dedicated hosting service: Clients have control of the server but don`t own.

  • Managed hosting service: Clients can manage the server but don`t have control of it.

  • Colocation web hosting service: Parallel to the dedicated web hosting but clients own COLO server.

  • Cloud hosting service: Provides clients with a powerfully sustainable hosting based on utility-billing and load-balance.

  • Clustered hosting service: Multiple servers hosting the same content for the utilization of resources. And clustered hosting is best for high-availability dedicated hosting.

  • Grid hosting service: When a cluster acts as a composition of multiple nodes and grids. It is used as distributed hosting.

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Why IT Consultant Is The Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Are you thinking about switching your website to a new host because of slow website loading and outdated technology? If you are a newly established business it is a cumbersome task due to lack of IT support. And knowledge about migrating your website to a best WordPress hosting.

IT consultants can provide all sorts of IT Solutions and can create and maintain your website. Without you being worried about its updates and security. With our WordPress hosting you don’t have to worry about loading speed of your website. Our latest technology and updates will ensure that you receive the performance that you desire.

IT Company’s best WordPress hosting offer plans that are affordable and reliable. These include developer tools, security features, automated updates, immediate activation, optimized WordPress storage and one-click installation.

Now, we know which company we should opt for Fully managed WordPress Hosting, but what are the steps if we want to migrate our website to a new WordPress Host.

Let’s dive in to the brief steps that will help you to understand the process of how to migrate a WordPress website to a new host.

Step 1: New WordPress web host

First, we need to choose a new WordPress web host, our aim should be to choose best WordPress Hosting services. There are many web hosting companies available in the tech industry, research well and choose the fastest web hosting services that will make your life easier.

It is essential to know very well what you actually want, list down your needs and expectations, this will make your task of find the best WordPress hosting service provider much easier.

WordPress hosting is best for website with moderate traffic and is suitable for businesses who are looking for simple and manageable hosting platform.

Step 2: Install and Setup the Plugin

After you’ve researched well and have chosen a managed WordPress hosting and have transferred your WordPress website to that new host. Next step is to install a plugin and do no install a WordPress yet without installing a plugin. There are several plugins available, choose the one that best fits your requirements, such as, WP Migrate DB, Duplicator, Vault Press etc.

Step 3: Import your WordPress website

After downloading a plugin, you need to import your WordPress website and for that you need to download the ‘Archive’ and ‘Installer’ files, and transfer these files to the new host. IT consultants can provide you this assistance, and you can do this process with our FTP client servers base as well.

Step 4: Modify the Hosts files

Once you have uploaded the all the files to your new web host, now you have to execute “installer.php” file. You have to set your domain name which you can easily register with IT Company as we provide simple steps to minimize the whole process of migrating to a Fully Managed WordPress hosting.

Step 5: Create Database

It is essential to create a database on your new web host before running the installer. IT consultant will be creating a My SQL database for your assistance

Step 6: Update Domain Name Records

This is one of the most important steps and require attention to update your DNS records on your new host. In order to point new name, you will have to update your DNS name server records.

Congratulations! With these steps you have successfully migrated your WordPress website to a new host.

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