Update: Microsoft Implements Windows Zerologon Flaw ‘Enforcement Mode’

Zerologon flaw is one of the critical matters discussed recently. Microsoft has decided to take this matter into its own hands as companies have not yet updated their systems to address Zerologon flaw.

After careful consideration and investigation, the tech giant – Microsoft has decided that from Feb 9, it will by default block vulnerable connections on devices that could be used to exploit the flaw. Some of the Microsoft’s Active Directory domain controllers are prone to be affected by Zerologon flaw.

Domain controllers of Microsoft Active Directory will respond to authentication requests and verify users on computer networks.

A successful exploitation of the Zerlogon flaw will allow unauthenticated attackers with network access to Active Directory’s domain controllers to completely compromise all Active Directory identity services.

The new initiative taken by Microsoft in which Domain Controller enforcement mode is implemented that “will block vulnerable connections from non-compliant devices,”.

Domain Controller enforcement mode requires that all Windows and non-Windows devices use secure RPC with Netlogon secure channel.

Unless customers have explicitly allowed the account to be vulnerable by adding an exception for the non-compliant device.

Secure RPC is an authentication method that authenticates both the host and the user who is making a request for a service.

This new implementation is an attempt to block cybercriminals from gaining network access to domain controllers.

Unauthorized access will eventually be used to exploit the Zerologon privilege-escalation glitch (CVE-2020-1472).

The Zerologon flaw, with a critical-severity CVSS score of 10 out of 10, was first addressed in Microsoft’s August 2020 security updates.

Starting Feb. 9, Microsoft said it will enable domain controller “enforcement mode” by default, a measure that would help mitigate the threat.

Considering the current situation of the internet and cybercrimes, this implementation would help businesses and individuals to minimize the risk of hacking.

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Millions Switch to Telegram and Signal after the Big Update by WhatsApp

Due to privacy concerns and growing anxiety over the power of the biggest tech companies, encrypted messaging services have become the world’s hottest apps.

People all over the world use mobile applications for nearly every purpose, starting from messaging, games, services to online banking and much more.

Millions have moved to Signal and Telegram due to recent changes by WhatsApp. Over the past week, millions of people have downloaded both apps highlighting huge hike in its usage.

Signal just like WhatsApp allows messages to be sent with “end-to-end encryption,” meaning only the sender and receiver can read the content.

Telegram on the other hand, offers some encrypted messaging options, but is popular for its special feature of group-based chat rooms where people can communicate and talk about several topics.

WhatsApp’s new update resulted in mass migration that, if it keeps happening, could weaken the power of Facebook and other big tech companies.

On Tuesday, according to Telegram more than 25 million users were added over the previous three days, pushing it to over 500 million users.

According to estimates from Apptopia, On Monday alone, nearly 1.3 million users were added on Signal.

Nearly all of Signal’s new user adoption is coming from outside the United States. As of Wednesday, the company said it was the No. 1 app in 70 countries on iOS devices and in 45 countries on Android devices, with India being one of the biggest areas of new user growth.

For both Signal and Telegram, new installations came from users in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and dozens of other countries, based on data from Apptopia.

Even for businesses WhatsApp is a popular app for marketing purposes, but due to this new privacy user update. They are already looking for alternatives to spread their word.

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New Microsoft Teams Updates are live Now!

It looks like 2021 is going to be all about new updates in almost every digital product and platform. Microsoft Teams users will be witnessing many new useful updates this year.

New updates are seen as one of the many useful updates, introducing some amazing new features. One of the biggest updates is support for virtual breakout rooms, this feature will enable meeting organizers to set up different rooms or groups for individuals to brainstorm before re-joining a larger session.

This feature is currently only available in Government environments but is expected to launch for other Teams users in the coming weeks.

Another very useful feature that is being recently introduced is the five-minute advance notification of a meeting and a pre-join experience. This feature will enable users to check all the settings including audio, video and some improvements to video playback performance.

Apart from this, IT Consultants have been constantly working to develop smart collaborative environment that can boost company’s performance eventually.

More updates on the way

Another cool features that is being introduced is real-time translation for several languages including; French, Russian, Italian, Hindi, and more.

In addition to the above updates, Cortana will now allow individuals to join and manage meetings with voice controls. As, we all know that Microsoft Teams Integration have been very useful in collaboration and communication among businesses in this world Pandemic i.e., Coid-19.

Microsoft has said that in addition to the new features confirmed in its December update, it is also working on several other additions, including a new history menu and an enhanced search experience. Expect those features, as well as others that have yet to be announced, to appear at some point in 2021.

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Google Cloud Print Service Is Shutting Down Soon!

Most Of you might not even know about this service, and hence have never used cloud print not even a single time.

Those customers who are already using Gmail Hosting they already save their data in Google Drive.

Google’s Cloud Print was basically designed for ChromeOS users who were not able to gain access to traditional printers.

With technological change, ChromeOS is able to connect to various devices for printing, therefore cloud print has become obsolete.

 Even though, Cloud print offers few unique advantages such as, giving users the ability to share printers with their friends or peers.

But it is still not worth it for Google to keep this service. The termination of Cloud Print is not going to affect most of the people.

It will only cost a mild inconvenience, especially for ChromeOS users, all they have to do is to make sure they have switched their default printer to a different device.

Cloud Print is shutting down exactly today i.e. December 31, 2020. So, if you really love this service and want to use it for the last time, make sure to complete all your printing tasks on New Year’s Eve.

If you are not sure about switching printer device, you can use migration options that is provided by Google.

Microsoft Office 365 also offers multiple features and allows you to store data on cloud and you can print it from any device at any time.

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Apple launched a one-on-one college mentorship program

This world pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely, work from home has become a permanent practice now for most of the companies from around the world. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other such mediums have been a success in these times, Microsoft Teams Integration in fact is very useful to have hassle free communication within a business and one can enrich their working environment through innovation!

Similarly, students have been attending lectures from their homes.

On the basis of current situation, Apple quietly launched a one-on-one college mentorship program for first generation students. It is being notices that Apple has already started to accept applications for mentorship program that is designed to help and assist first-generation college students.

This program focusses on inviting immigrant college freshmen and sophomores with majors in accounting, finance, economics or any discipline related to business, commerce, data analytics or mathematics to avail this opportunity and get mentorship from experienced Apple mentors. This program details also describe that there will be opportunities for job shadowing and paid internships and externships. Isn’t it great!

However, there’s a limitation to this program, only those students can apply for this program whose parent or guardian do not have their own college degrees. Apple is looking for students/individuals who are eager to learn more about finance in a fast-paced, innovative environment.

This is good news for all the individuals looking forward to get mentorship from Apple. Apple is accepting applications until Friday, January 8th,2021.

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