Streamline Your Business With Point Of Sale System

Everyone wants to indulge in their favourite food from time to time. Some of us like to have our favourite pasta dish, others are constantly asking their friends to come to their favourite pizza store or have a combo delivered to their party. We hardly give a thought to the way the food is prepared or watch the workers do their magic.

As the food industry becomes more and more competitive, fast food restaurants strive to find new ways to attract both new customers, alongside keeping costs down to maintain the magic in their business. This is not a task that comes easy, as one of the hardest and most important part of keeping the cost down is to have control over your inventory. Continue reading Streamline Your Business With Point Of Sale System

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Web Hosting is the service providing space on the Internet for websites!

Perfect speed, price and Support for your domain!

You have a domain? – Yes
You have a website? – Yes

Now you need only hosting service to bring your website online. Hosting is a service that provides you space to store your web pages, media files and applications or any other contents.

Its most important to make a decision that where to host your site. Let me explain how! Lets assume your business run on your website. when your customer visits your site they find it down most of the time. Will you able to run your business successfully OR can catch customers? – Simply No. Continue reading Web Hosting is the service providing space on the Internet for websites!

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How to conclude any projects

It’s launched…  

It’s live…   

It works!  

What do you think, how we should work on a project to complete it successfully?

Did you make some time to review the project, and clear your head along with the whiteboard? A post-launch review, or post-launch audit, is hopefully more than just considering things over in your head, or even with your partner over a beer.

Larger companies that have lost cross-functionality can terribly blow this part by making the post-mortem a terrifying blame game. Do a web search for “post-launch review templates” and you’ll get over 7,000,000 results. If that’s your world, make sure you do your own, real and private assessment. It will help you turn experience in craftsmanship, and make your best practices even better. The better templates will help you break the assessment process into measurable parts, to get specific, and to write stuff down, but here’s a “what and why” overview. The intent here is to guarantee a positive and productive post-mortem.

Continue reading How to conclude any projects

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What is the ‘Heartbleed’ bug?

We fear for the privacy of millions of internet users this week after computer bug dubbed heartbleed. It allows hackers to access passwords and other private information – was revealed by security experts. But should we be as worried about this bug as its name suggests?

Do you know what is heartbleed?

The heartbleed bug affects OpenSSL, a cryptographic library which crawls sensitive information as it moves to and from the computer servers.

We sue this software for protecting passwords, credit card numbers and other private data online.

OpenSSL is used by the majority of internet servers and can be identified by a padlock icon which appears on users’ screens. Continue reading What is the ‘Heartbleed’ bug?

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Get ready for the EBay new mobile app

The news in town that EBay is going to launch advertisements within its mobile app. Is this app going to be successful or die down soon? According to one of the news agencies, Reuters informed that the e-commerce site EBay plans to launch an ad network, where it can place advertisements in front of mobile customers.

In this era where throughout the world people used to see hundreds of ads on television, internet, on roads, newspapers, heavily bombarded with promotional and marketing strategies would prefer ads on their phones. Continue reading Get ready for the EBay new mobile app

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