New web-based Outlook app for Windows and Mac by Microsoft

Microsoft has always been able to win the game in the tech market and is able to deliver amazing products.

MS Office 365 is one of the widely used tool in the business world.

MS Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based Microsoft Office solution, which combines communication, security features and collaboration at a very affordable cost.

With MS Office 365 you can communicate from anywhere and can do your work securely. It improves productivity and helps you to build your business. It helps you to save Time and Money and get worry free IT service.

Now, it is being reported that Microsoft is planning to launch a universal Outlook client based on the web app.

According to some reports, the Universal Web App will eventually replace all the traditional default Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10.

It is expected that by the end of this year 2021 – Microsoft will preview Monarch with the aim to replace Mail & Calendar apps on Windows 10 in 2022.

It is expected that Monarch will include OS integrations such as offline storage, share targets, notifications, and more.

The early version of this app is only accessible to internal users of Microsoft who have Microsoft account. It is not yet available for all users to test it.

Let’s hope to see a better version of Outlook by the end of this year!

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Google Cloud Print Service Is Shutting Down Soon!

Most Of you might not even know about this service, and hence have never used cloud print not even a single time.

Those customers who are already using Gmail Hosting they already save their data in Google Drive.

Google’s Cloud Print was basically designed for ChromeOS users who were not able to gain access to traditional printers.

With technological change, ChromeOS is able to connect to various devices for printing, therefore cloud print has become obsolete.

 Even though, Cloud print offers few unique advantages such as, giving users the ability to share printers with their friends or peers.

But it is still not worth it for Google to keep this service. The termination of Cloud Print is not going to affect most of the people.

It will only cost a mild inconvenience, especially for ChromeOS users, all they have to do is to make sure they have switched their default printer to a different device.

Cloud Print is shutting down exactly today i.e. December 31, 2020. So, if you really love this service and want to use it for the last time, make sure to complete all your printing tasks on New Year’s Eve.

If you are not sure about switching printer device, you can use migration options that is provided by Google.

Microsoft Office 365 also offers multiple features and allows you to store data on cloud and you can print it from any device at any time.

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Apple launched a one-on-one college mentorship program

This world pandemic has changed our lifestyles completely, work from home has become a permanent practice now for most of the companies from around the world. Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other such mediums have been a success in these times, Microsoft Teams Integration in fact is very useful to have hassle free communication within a business and one can enrich their working environment through innovation!

Similarly, students have been attending lectures from their homes.

On the basis of current situation, Apple quietly launched a one-on-one college mentorship program for first generation students. It is being notices that Apple has already started to accept applications for mentorship program that is designed to help and assist first-generation college students.

This program focusses on inviting immigrant college freshmen and sophomores with majors in accounting, finance, economics or any discipline related to business, commerce, data analytics or mathematics to avail this opportunity and get mentorship from experienced Apple mentors. This program details also describe that there will be opportunities for job shadowing and paid internships and externships. Isn’t it great!

However, there’s a limitation to this program, only those students can apply for this program whose parent or guardian do not have their own college degrees. Apple is looking for students/individuals who are eager to learn more about finance in a fast-paced, innovative environment.

This is good news for all the individuals looking forward to get mentorship from Apple. Apple is accepting applications until Friday, January 8th,2021.

Another great service launched by IT Consultants and that is targeted for businesses is SMS Gateway Server- a great way to deliver your message to thousands at the same time!

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Major security flaws found in Dell Wyse ThinOS

Occurrence of technical issues are very common when any sort of system or device is developed. According to recent findings two critical vulnerabilities have been found in Dell’s Wyse thin clients. These vulnerabilities could easily be exploited by an attacker to run malicious code and gain access to arbitrary files.

As compared to old PCs, now small form factor PCs have grown more powerful. In recent years, a lot of organizations more commonly the ones in healthcare industry have turned to thin clients in order to fulfill their computing needs.

Why do they choose thin clients?

Many organizations choose to turn to thin clients because they take up far less space than a traditional desktop PC. Dell Wyse thin clients are one of the popular choices among enterprises and it’s estimated that over 6,000 organizations have deployed them on their networks, hence network monitoring is an added factor that all enterprises needs.

Dell ships two critical vulnerabilities, tracked as CVE-2020-29492 and CVE-2020-29491, reside in its OS. ThinOS can also be kept remotely and the Austin-based company mentions that users set up an FTP server for its Wyse devices in order to download updates including firmware, packages and configurations.

However, according to cybersecurity firm CyberMDX, which focuses on the healthcare sector, found that accessing almost a dozen Dell Wyse thin clients via FTP was possible with no credentials by using an anonymous user profile. According to their findings only the firmware and packages are signed which clearly means that an attacker can use the INI configuration files to target vulnerable machines.

In recent times, we all are facing malware, cyberattacks and really wants our websites and confidential files to be protected from attackers. IT Consultants are always working for better IT solutions along with providing technical support to their clients.

FTP access is possible without credentials on some Dell Wyze thin clients

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Contact Form 7 Vulnerability Found in +5 Million Sites – WordPress

Recently, an alarming situation have been discovered in the tech world. A vulnerability has been found in Contact Form 7 that allows attackers to upload malicious scripts on several sites, including WordPress.

Although the publishers of Contact Form 7 have taken serious action immediately to fix this issue, but only few versions of Contact Form 7 are updated and rest of them are still going to face serious vulnerability. Some of the common vulnerabilities detected are;

Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability

As we know it is being used in WordPress plugin, hence an unrestricted file upload vulnerability is found that allows attackers to upload web shell that enables them have control over site and can even tamper with a database.

It is noticeable that Contact Form 7 have called their latest update an “urgent security and maintenance release.”

According to Contact Form 7:

“An unrestricted file upload vulnerability has been found in Contact Form 7 5.3.1 and older versions.

Utilizing this vulnerability, a form submitter can bypass Contact Form 7’s filename sanitization, and upload a file which can be executed as a script file on the host server.”

An additional particular shared by the official WordPress plugin repository for Contact Form 7 against vulnerabilities are;

“Removes control, separator, and other types of special characters from filename to fix the unrestricted file upload vulnerability issue.”

As we know that filename sanitization tool is used to block certain file names and allows only restricted list of file names. In the case of Contact Form 7, there was some issue with its functionality and it created a situation in which unauthorized/dangerous files were automatically allowed.

All sites using Contact Form 7 needs to release update immediately in order to tackle this situation, and if you want to avail protected WordPress Hosting by our well experienced IT Consultants, just give us a call.

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