Windows-10 Application Has A New Game!!!

Technology us running fast all giants are working day and night to bring something for customers, so as Microsoft. They want to change their game too and new for according to resources, Microsoft is working on new features and a brand-new interface for essential home windows applications. Examples encompass Microsoft photos. Mail and Calendar. however, there is still a lot to be completed and the first application to receive interface improvements within the sun Valley replace is alarms and clock.

The remodel application was formally announced in December, in line with the internet site home windows is the ultra-modern. but many have been disenchanted that the new picture notes had been not at once available. nevertheless, now that increase has come a long way, the software is now available to anyone. Interface innovations come in model 10.2101.28.0

similarly, to the interface changes, there are different modifications as well. So, we have Edit button to speedy manipulate alarms, timers etc. but the edit and create choice has additionally been redesigned. The menu is now greater compact and is derived with new animations, round corners, and colorations.

To get right of entry to this replace, you must go to the Microsoft save. but, in case you do not have get right of entry to the brand-new interface, you will need to install the state-of-the-art average update.

The Microsoft global is becoming increasingly thrilling that is as it works so nicely on home windows 10, however it attracts greater customers. Occasionally it is miles an event to say that the whole lot is going on wheels, if there are not any insects appearing within the updates. statistics now circulating on the net well-known shows that this producer is prepared to announce new home windows at any time. It remains to be visible if you are speaking to me about windows 10X or windows 10 sun Fence coming inside the second half of this year.

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Facebook launched rap app! Is it a good thing?

Facebook never fails to launch new features or unveil new apps. Yet again Facebook revealed another experimental app.

Facebook’s new launched app – BARS app was created by Facebook’s internal R&D group. It is designed to allow rappers to select from professionally created beats, and they can create and share their own raps and videos. This app is not only limited to creating rap music and creating videos but, it also allows you to have autotunes and will help you when you will write rhymes.

This Social media platform was able to launch their first musical entertainment app before and now, rap app is launched with a promising outcome to compete with TikTok app. BARS is now available in the iOS App Store in the U.S., with Facebook gradually admitting users off a waitlist.

BARS app is aims to facilitate at to-be rappers who are looking to create and share their own videos. The app will allow users to select from hundreds of professionally created beats, then they will have to write their own lyrics and finally record a video. BARS offers many automated features one of them is that it can automatically suggest rhymes as you’re writing out lyrics. This app also offers different audio and visual filters to accompany videos as well as an autotune feature.

There’s also a “Challenge mode” in which you can freestyle with auto-suggested word cues, which is one the new features and has user-friendly interface. As mentioned, it will also offer beats for users’ own recordings.

The videos can be up to 60 seconds in length and can then be saved to your Camera Roll or shared out on other social media platforms.

The pandemic has played a vital role in BARS’ creation. According to NPE Team, the pandemic shut down access to live music and places where rappers could experiment.

“I know access to high-priced recording studios and production equipment can be limited for aspiring rappers. On top of that, the global pandemic shut down live performances where we often create and share our work,” further said by one of the team members of NPE.

BARS app was built with collaboration of a team of aspiring rappers, and today launched it! It is available on app store in United States for now and will be available for the rest of the countries very soon. Do I think it’s a good thing or not? Well, considering the dynamics of Social media marketing and the impact of TikTok and social media itself, for aspiring rappers its one of a good opportunity readily available for them so, congrats to them!

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Over 50 updates for Classrooms, Meet and other online educational tools by Google

Initially when Google launched Google Classrooms, at that time it wasn’t introduced to create a Learning Management System – LMS. But, during this world Pandemic COVID-19, the educational system changed completely. Google found out that a lot of educators have adopted to use Google Classrooms as the main medium to conduct their daily classroom lectures. 

As compared to last year when only 40 million people were using Google Classrooms, now as for today, almost 150 million people are using this tool, including teachers, students and school admins. 

Today, Google introduced several updates for its online education tools, these updates and development have been accelerated during the world pandemic. As Google Classrooms have been widely used by educators now, so Google has promised to come up with 50 new updates, keeping in mind the needs of students, educators and school admins. 

Focusing on the needs of educators, Google is developing updates to cater all those who are using Classroom as the main hub for learning and management. During this year, “add-ons” of Classroom will allow teachers to select edtech tools and content. 

With this feature teachers can assign contents directly to students, without requiring extra log-ins. Further, School admins can also install these add-ons for other teachers in their domains. 

Moreover, later this year, admins will be able to populate classes in advance with Student Information System (SIS) roster by syncing. Further, for select SIS customers, students’ grades from Classroom can be exported directly to the SIS. 

Additional feature of logging will be more developed, including Classroom audit logs to see all the details of the students like student removals or who archived a class. Classroom activity logs can also be monitored more accurately and easily in order to check adoption and engagement.  

Other tools that are rolling out now and will be further introduced during the year will tackle the realities of working from home especially in this pandemic. We all know we face internet connection issues as they are not reliable, for students with low-income or those areas which do not offer best services. 

Hence, Google is rolling out an updated Classroom Android app, with which students will be able to start their work offline. They will be able to review assignments, open Drive attachments and write in Google Docs without an internet connection.  Isn’t it great? 

The daily work will be synced with only one click of a button and when a connection is again available your documents will be there already. 

New tools will allow students to upload file along with pictures in one folder and will also allow them to crop and rotate images and adjust lighting according to their pictures. 

Google Classroom will also have rich text formatting — like bold, italics, underline and adding bullets across web, iOS and Android. 

In order to maintain originality of reports a tool is being introduced named “Originality Reports”, this will detect the plagiarism of documents and soon these will be available in 15 different languages. 

And Google’s own free, introductory computer science curriculum, CS First, is immediately available in Classroom. 

Beyond Classroom itself, Google Meet is also being updated with the needs of educators in mind. 

Pandemic has taught us many ways to use internet and technology in useful ways, even students tend to waste less time on computers, while playing games or watching videos – can we say the credit goes to online classes? 

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Facebook starts rolling out Messenger on Oculus headsets

Great news to those who were finding ways to keep up with the family group chat while playing Beat Saber. Well, Guess what? This day has finally come. 

According to Oculus Quest developer’s latest update, VR company that is owned by Facebook announced that Facebook in this week Messenger will start rolling out to Quest headsets. Now you’ll be able to chat by simply typing in VR, using voice-to-text, or by inserting generic auto-filled statements into the conversation. 

A plus point of this update is that Messenger on Quest doesn’t segregate users based on device.  Multiple VR Users that want to communicate with each other can create an Oculus party from within Messenger to group up in any multiplayer game they feel like playing together. 

The whole chatting mechanism can is now much easier. Users can type their message in virtual reality and can also send pre-written messages. Company’s developers also have a new way to distribute VR apps and games. 

According to the Oculus sources, chatting with Messenger friends through your headset won’t affect your Oculus privacy settings. You’ll still be able to use Oculus Chats to message friends with your own Oculus username.  

Software update v25, which is starting to roll out also introduces a feature called App Lab. It is going to enable developers to distribute their apps and games outside of the Oculus Store. Facebook also suggests that his feature will allow users to have high quality within the store and will also provide secure environment to the developers. 

Even though these apps may not be in the Oculus Store, you will still be able to search them if you know the exact name and it will pop up in the App Lab section of the results.  

However, integrating Messenger with Oculus Quest headsets is yet another excuse to spend as much time in VR as possible. But it is something that we certainly understand especially during these trying times.  

Don’t forget to take breaks every now and then. That Messenger chat with your friend can wait. 

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VideoLAN is marking its 20th year of existence this month

Yes, it’s true that a risky decision created the world’s most popular streaming video encoder. 

One of the most popular, successful, and widely used open-source software project I.e., VideoLAN is marking its 20th year of existence this month. 

We all have been using this open-source software to stream our favorite videos and movies since we were in our teens – 90’s people can relate!  

It is best known for the popular x264 streaming video encoding app and library, and the well-known VLC media player – well who hasn’t used that? 

The non-profit organization has released a massive range of free and open software over the past many years. The volunteer organization makes sure that the Movie Creator video editing software, DVBlast MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming app, and several libraries for developers working on audiovisual programs are available. 

This includes the libdvdcss library that can be used to read DVDs which are encrypted with Contents Scramble System digital rights management code. 

There has been a dispute on the legal status of libdvdcss and some Linux distributions do not ship with the library out of concerns it violates digital rights management laws. 

During the early years – the new millennium saw a great deal of controversy around content dissemination over the internet and piracy thereof, and legal fights over distribution rights. 

According to the organization at that time, this was a risky decision for the École Centrale Paris, and states that the VideoLAN project is incredibly grateful. 

VLC media player and other software are released under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Public License version 2 with clients for all major desktop and mobile operating systems, and with several billions of downloads to date. 

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