What is a logo & how to use it?

A Logo is a graphic design or image that represents or symbolizes a company, business or organization. A Logo is the trademark of a company, brand recognition of a company. A company or business can easily be recognized through their logos. Different companies design their logos related to their products, so that people may get to know about their business, services on viewing the logo. Now a day’s many logos have become an emblem of recognition for their company. e.g. Nike, MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola, IBM. People quickly recognize these things even on hearing these names.

Today in this fast world, where everything is passing quickly, no one has enough time to sit and think about the ideas that how can they impress their customers. So they believe simplicity the better way of impressing. Continue reading What is a logo & how to use it?

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Should you Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook plays a large role in many businesses’ marketing strategies. Although business pages on the social networking site may have once been just a modest brand extension and a place where companies could connect with customers, it has become a dynamic advertising platform that can produce the similar types of results as SSO.

“Before last year, Facebook was all about what happened on Facebook,” said Bob Buch, CEO of social advertising firm SocialWire. Continue reading Should you Advertise on Facebook?

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How to secure confidential data at Work?

To maintain confidential files at secure data bases or clouds is the duty of organisations. However, your employees must be educated, so that security system will become effective.  In today’s highly competitive environment, huge data sharing takes place within the organisation and outside the organization with direct and indirect stakeholders. Therefore the major question arises that how to secure confidential data at work place?

For small businesses it is easy to manage security because of small numbers of employees engaged in performing their tasks. Continue reading How to secure confidential data at Work?

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