ProtonMail gets a makeover as it focuses on customer privacy

ProtonMail, a private email service with additional customization choices and an easy-to-use interface, has a new appearance that makes sending emails easier than ever for people worried about their online privacy. Users may customize their inboxes with a variety of layouts and themes. 

ProtonMail, the service’s¬†web-based email¬†client, has undergone a complete redesign after a little more than seven years after it was initially published as a public beta.¬†

Users can tailor their mailbox and pick what works best for them with the new ProtonMail, which features numerous layouts and themes. Simultaneously, improved keyboard shortcuts make it quicker to check messages, and simple filters let users sift communications quickly. 

In addition, Proton Technologies has added a new App picker to its email service’s inbox, allowing customers to swiftly switch between other Proton services like as ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, and ProtonVPN. 

User Privacy First! 

ProtonMail has been updated to make it easier to use, but the email service still assures that customers have complete control over their data at all times. Indeed, the new web client is an important step toward the company’s goal of creating an internet where privacy is the norm.  

Users of ProtonMail may send end-to-end encrypted emails to other ProtonMail users and email services. The new client also encrypts your messages, contacts, and schedule so that only you have access to your information. The communications in your inbox are inaccessible even to Proton Technologies. 

Users may also pick what information they wish to share and with whom using the new ProtonMail, since privacy is ensured by powerful encryption. 

Existing ProtonMail customers may log in now to see the new look, which will be rolled out across the company’s mobile apps in the coming months. 

 Apart from this, Google Workspace is another option to use while keeping privacy first when sending an email.  You can get custom business email with features and tools to make life easier. 

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