Google Cloud Print Service Is Shutting Down Soon!

Most Of you might not even know about this service, and hence have never used cloud print not even a single time.

Those customers who are already using Gmail Hosting they already save their data in Google Drive.

Googleā€™s Cloud Print was basically designed for ChromeOS users who were not able to gain access to traditional printers.

With technological change, ChromeOS is able to connect to various devices for printing, therefore cloud print has become obsolete.

 Even though, Cloud print offers few unique advantages such as, giving users the ability to share printers with their friends or peers.

But it is still not worth it for Google to keep this service. The termination of Cloud Print is not going to affect most of the people.

It will only cost a mild inconvenience, especially for ChromeOS users, all they have to do is to make sure they have switched their default printer to a different device.

Cloud Print is shutting down exactly today i.e. December 31, 2020. So, if you really love this service and want to use it for the last time, make sure to complete all your printing tasks on New Yearā€™s Eve.

If you are not sure about switching printer device, you can use migration options that is provided by Google.

Microsoft Office 365 also offers multiple features and allows you to store data on cloud and you can print it from any device at any time.

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