Companies are going Fully digital, but do they have resources as well?

There isn’t enough talent for companies that have gone fully digital.

Companies do think to turn their companies into powerhouses, but they don’t have resources. They rely on overworked, underpaid, and understaffed IT departments of their companies.

According to a survey conducted on 1000 cross-industry enterprises by KPMG, there is a huge deficiency of human resources in IT departments.  7 out of 10 companies will have invested in 5G, virtual reality, augmented reality, edge computing, and quantum computing by 2024. While after five years i.e; 2029, there will be very few companies who will not have invested in these technologies.

The talent hunt has become a problem for companies that are going fully digital. According to a survey, there have been three main difficulties a company faces while shifting towards digital platforms i.e, skillset, talent, and higher costs.

A softer economy will be solving this issue by turning things in favor of employees. They give them training to cope with the challenges of the digital world. According to Andrew, head at Siemen, though the company is trying its best to retain employees and train them the company is also struggling with finding employees with the right skill set who can execute digital concepts.

Companies can take steps to overcome digital challenges i.e: incorporating a learning culture, providing training to the employees, helping employees with personal development, and giving employees a boost with intelligent automation. Though companies are going digital, finding the right skill set is a big challenge.

According to KPMG, companies must work on their digital capabilities to deliver at the customer’s expectations. They should align these capabilities with the needs and wants of the customers.





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