Increase ROI with Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Published August 8, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

Increase ROI with Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Published August 8, 2023
Author: Ash Khan

So, you know that social media is a critical part of your customers’ lives. You have a social media marketing strategy in place, but you aren’t seeing an increase roi results yet. Perhaps you’re still determining the best routes for reaching your target audience.

Our actionable steps will guide you to avoid common social media marketing mistakes and help you avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience. If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your social media operations and increase ROI, here are the things you must pay attention to.

1. What you don’t measure can’t be improved

Almost every business is utilizing social media these days, but most aren’t receiving an increase in ROI. One of the main reasons why social media ROI is so poor is because businesses don’t track their social media performance. According to Simply Measured’s most recent State of Social Media Marketing research, roughly one-fifth of the firms polled said they never discussed social ROI.

2. Make sure you know who is engaging with your content

According to a joint survey from We Are Social and Hootsuite, around 2.8 billion individuals worldwide use social media at least once every month. 91% of those persons visit social networks by mobile device, and 34% are active mobile social users. Understanding the gadgets that your target audience is utilizing might help you better understand their attitude. Individuals accessing your brand’s social media material on mobile devices, for example, are younger and skim postings rapidly.

If you don’t know who is engaged with your material, your analytics will be useless. You may use the analytics of several social networks to obtain further demographic data on who is engaged with your content.

3. Make sure your social media material is relevant to your target audience

Low engagement with social media postings is one of the most serious issues for new companies. If your brand isn’t receiving the social interaction you want, it’s probably because you’re not reaching your target audience – the individuals who are good leads for your business – with your content.

To ensure that your content connects with your target audience, you need to have a complete awareness of what they are doing online and what sorts of material they are interacting with.

Are there particular industry influencers that are gaining traction with your customers and prospects? What are they posting about? Which of their posts get the most reactions from their followers? Who are they engaging with? These are the types of clues you should be looking for.

Social media listening may help you understand about your target audience’s interests and problem concerns. By evaluating what other people in your ecosystem are talking about and which of their articles are garnering the most interaction, you may glean ideas about what sort of material would perform well for you.

4. Make sure you are posting frequently enough that your content is seen by your target audience 

Neil Patel has conducted some tests to see how the number of tweets on Twitter affects visits to his website. He conducted one experiment in which he only tweeted one Tweet every day. He had an average of 747 visitors every week throughout this seven-day period. However, when he increased the number of articles each day to 40, traffic jumped to 5,623 visitors. The only difference was that one post per day vs 40 posts per day. Neil suggests that you post as frequently as possible if you have adequate material.

You shouldn’t neglect a single day of the week either. According to Statista Charts, companies send out the fewest tweets on Sunday, despite the fact that the day is particularly strong for social media engagement:

You also want to make sure that you are posting multiple types of content on your profile. You should almost never tweet just text with no accompanying image, gif, or video.

5. Do you use social lead-generating and nurturing tools?

Social media currently accounts for more than 10% of the typical company’s marketing spend. To enhance ROI, that money must create high-quality leads and consumers. Our social media marketing solution is designed to promote meaningful conversations, nurture connections, and ultimately increase ROI by leveraging cutting-edge social lead generation and marketing capabilities. Your social media investment becomes a potent driver for business growth, fostering relationships that fuel success.

6. Use social media to nurture your existing consumers

Social media may be used to nurture your present consumers as well as find new ones. Recognize your present customers’ accomplishments and triumphs to ensure that you are nurturing customer loyalty and creating connections.

You may use social media to answer queries from your community and educate them on how to use your product better. Customers that like your product are more inclined to suggest your company to their friends and family, which is practically free advertising.

7. Schedule experiments into your social media

Allowing your social media campaign to run on autopilot is the worst thing you can do. Social media is an ever-changing landscape, and new trends and features on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give fresh opportunities for marketers to leverage these platforms. Make an effort to try something new every month.

8. Integrate Behavioral Insights from Social Media Into Your Core Marketing and Sales Workflows

By tracking how people (both new visitors and existing leads) interact with your social media content and content from others in your ecosystem, and then incorporating this data into your marketing automation or CRM system, you can improve the way your team nurtures and scores leads, and ensure that all sales-ready leads are identified in a timely warmer.

Last but not least, we can see the influence social media is having on our pipeline. We discovered that socially engaged leads in our database convert 73% higher than prospects that solely connect with our emails. Furthermore, as compared to non-socially involved leads, socially engaged leads earned greater money for us.


Creating a successful social media plan does not have to be difficult. Begin with your most critical goals and then choose the finest techniques for achieving them. You are already on your way to raising your social media marketing ROI by using social insights to understand more about your target audience and using performance data to enhance your techniques over time.