Microsoft Office 2013 support will be discontinued in April next year 

Published April 18, 2022
Author: Ash Khan

Microsoft Office 2013 support will be discontinued in April next year 

Published April 18, 2022
Author: Ash Khan

Microsoft informed users earlier this week that Microsoft Office 2013 would reach the end of its support in 2023, and advised them to upgrade to a newer version to decrease their vulnerability to security threats. 

“Office 2013 will approach the end of Extended Support on April 11, next year, after 5 years of Mainstream Support and 5 years of Extended Support.” in accordance with Fixed Lifecycle Policy, security upgrades for Microsoft Office 2013 would no longer be provided after this day “The company informed clients. 

“After Office 2013 is no longer supported, Microsoft, which is known for products such as Microsoft Teams will no longer provide new security fixes, and continued use of Office 2013 beyond that date would raise your company’s vulnerability to potential threats or damage your capacity to satisfy compliance responsibilities.” 

After the end of support, the company will no longer provide technical assistance, bug fixes, and security updates for new problems to Office 2013 license holders. 

Furthermore, since Office 2013 is no longer a supported client as of October 2020, linking Office 2013 customers to Office 365 may result in efficiency or reliability concerns. 

Microsoft 365 Applications, the subscription version of Office which arrives with many Microsoft 365 and Office LTSC 2021 are the upgrading choices for Office 2013. 

Most Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enterprise and business packages include Microsoft 365 Applications, which enables endpoint users to download complete versions of Office applications on numerous devices. 

Office LTSC 2021 is accessible as a one-time purchase through a volume license agreement and can be downloaded on a single computer per license 

The major difference between the two Office versions is that Microsoft 365 Applications is continually updated with the latest capabilities, whereas Office LTSC 2021 will have the same functionalities it had when it came out in September of last year. 

“Please begin updating to Microsoft 365 Apps, which is intended to get frequent upgrades and will assist you in keeping updated by receiving security patches and our newest capabilities,” Microsoft stated. 

“Likewise, if your business wants a stable, constant solution, choose Office LTSC 2021.” 

After considering your alternatives and opting to update to a newer version on supported devices (technical specifications for 365 Apps and LTSC 2021), you should develop an upgrading strategy 

“Because Office 365 Services are also used with many commercial Office 365 subscriptions,” the company states, “you may evaluate the features of your existing plan as the foundation for comparison.” 

“For instance, prior to installing Microsoft 365 Apps, ensure that every one of your clients has accounts and licenses.”